Church Services

Breaking of Bread Service

10:30am Sunday – Believers in Christ meet together to remember the Lord Jesus in His death (sometimes referred to as communion). This was requested by Jesus when He met with His disciples at the last supper before He died on the cross. See 1 Corinthians 11 v 23 – 26.

Sunday Evening Service

6:30pm Sunday – The Sunday Evening Service is a service for everyone to attend to find out more about God and the Christian faith. We have a time of singing and a talk. Please note there is no Evening Service on the first Sunday of the month.

Family Service

4pm First Sunday of each month (no Evening Service) – Our Family Services are short, interactive more informal services where both children and adults can enjoying some singing, a bible story and maybe something fun like a quiz! Refreshments are served afterwards.

Prayer Meeting

7:30pm Wednesday – A meeting for collective prayer.

Bible Study

8:15pm Wednesday – Following the prayer meeting. In order to learn more about God and the way in which He wants us to live a passage from the Bible is read and discussed.


The Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services described above are “open” for the leading of God’s Holy Spirit. This means there is no pre-set order of service and no-one is appointed to conduct the meeting. We do this because we believe that the detailed instructions found in the Bible, in particular in 1 Corinthians chapters 11-14, are meant to be taken at face value and practiced in today’s church.

Because of the instructions at the end of 1 Corinthians chapter 14 (verses 34-38), we follow the practice that only the men take part in the conduct of the services, for example leading in prayer. This does not mean we think women are less important or that their presence is less vital. Although they remain silent, except for singing, they contribute equally to the prayer and worship of the church.